MAXIMISE THE ROI OF YOUR BIDS ON GOOGLE ADS - Do you want to maximise your profitability, save time and eliminate the repetitive PPC bid management tasks in Google Ads? With Captivise you can achieve success through optimal Google Ads PPC Bid Management at ONLY 2% of spend with no set-up costs.

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Simplified Keyword Reporting - Captivise shows you how many bids have been changed and for which keywords. We've intentionally kept Captivise simple by focusing on PPC bid management for Google Ads only.

Real-time Bid Calculations - Leave your bid adjustments to be managed by Captivise, safe in the knowledge that it’s running every day to achieve optimal performance based on the margin or cost-per-sale defined by you.

One-Click Setup - There's one setting in Captivise and that's what you want to pay for each conversion! Set your margin or target cost-per-sale, click 'run' and Captivise will run the bid management for you, effortlessly.

Low Cost - The cost of using Captivise is really low and is based on what you spend on Google Ads. Our fees are just 2%, so if you spend £500 per month, then it will only cost you £10! Best of all, there's no set up charge!

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You know exactly how much of a gross margin you have with your products or services. You also know many enquiries turn in to sales. Lastly, you know exactly how much you want to pay for each lead or sale.

So why isn’t Google Ads working as well as it should? There are many reasons why this could be; however, usually this is because you aren't paying the right amount for each click. Captivise fixes this problem and bids the optimal amount for each keyword for each of your Google Ads campaigns.

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Captivise increases focus on the keywords that are performing well and decreases the focus on the keywords that are performing badly.

There's the age-old 80%/20% in business; this applies to Google Ads too! It may not always be 80/20, but all too often a smaller percentage of your keywords are actually generating you the lion’s share of revenue and profitability, while everything else either brings in a little revenue or results in a loss.

Profit Matters


If you are a client, a large proportion of what you are paying for in terms of an Google Ads management service is bid management.

If you work for an agency, you'll know how much of a drain it is to constantly adjust bids based on conversion rate changes and other metrics in Google Ads. There simply is not enough hours in the day!

In both scenarios, time would be much better spent on strategic growth for your campaigns and not on repetitive admin tasks.

Make more time for the creative tasks


Put simply, Captivise works much faster than an individual could achieve. Even if a person could do the maths quickly enough, it wouldn't necessarily be possible to change prices at the same speed.

If you manage Google Ads campaigns then your time is valuable and if you pay someone else to manage your campaigns, wouldn't you prefer them to work on the creative ideas, fix problems and create new campaigns? Get your time back by using Captivise.

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There's no ongoing fee for a Captivise account, we simply charge a percentage of the amount that you spend on your AdWords account. We understand that there are many reasons why your budgets may change and that's why we've created a pricing model that adapts to this, making it even easier for you to calculate your margin.


We are so confident in captivise, we'll offer you a 7-day free trial. Even once you've signed up, there's no long-term contracts: Captivise is offered on a month-by-month subscription, with no tie-in. Best of all, we've tailored Captivise to work extremely well for both agencies and end clients.

To benefit from the free trial, simply sign up, then send us an email to let us know that you'd like us to switch your account to a free trial. Alternatively, create an account and if you aren't satisifed we'll refund your Captivise fees for the first month.

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