PPC Management Prices & PPC Management Fees

PPC Management Software

Captivise is designed to make Google AdWords management quicker, more efficient, and more effective, constantly reviewing and updating all bids in the campaigns it oversees to maximise ROI based on information you collect. It allows PPC account managers to work on building new campaigns, researching new keywords, and expanding the account’s potential reach without worrying that they’re leaving essential tasks undone as they work.
While many other PPC and Google AdWords management software providers focus on set fees, Captivise charges no subscription fee. Nor do we offer key features only if you subscribe to a high enough price bracket. There are no up-front fees, no complex pricing – we make pricing simple, just as Captivise makes bid management simple.

Free - Captivise is completely free for Google Ads accounts that spend up to £2500 per month.

Flat 2% Fee - We charge a fee of 2% of your managed Google Ads spend. That’s it – easy to calculate and easy to factor into your budget.

Tailored Pricing - For spends of over £10m per annum, please contact us to discuss tailored pricing.

Become more efficient today

One Fee for All Services

We wanted to design a pricing model that caters to our clients. It should never be a difficult decision whether to invest more in PPC, and we’ve heard from many customers who tried other PPC software that the ‘tiered’ approach creates points where the decision is difficult.

The more you use Captivise, the more you benefit. Its efficiency increases as it collects more data, and bigger campaigns bring in more data more quickly.

We don’t want you to spend more – we want you to spend the right amount for your business and to get the best possible ROI for maximum profitability. That isn’t compatible with hiding services behind paywalls.

Clear and Transparent Billing

As Easy As 3,2,1 Go!

Many apps charge you for functionality you’ll never use, but which you must pay for. The goal with Captivise was to create software where you use 100% of the functionality 100% of the time – nothing is wasted. Our focus is always on using conversion rate and profit margin to maximise the profitability of your search ads.

This streamlined approach also makes Captivise easy to operate and easy to monitor. Where other AdWords software can take more work to set up than the AdWords campaign itself, Captivise is as easy and quick to set up and start as 3,2,1 Go!

• 3 Simple Steps to Set Up an Account
• 2 Bid Settings – Margin or Target CPA
• 1 Status Setting for Active or Inactive Campaigns

That’s it! Try it out today!

How much will it cost?

PPC management pricing for a lot of software is a labyrinth. We believe in easy-to-calculate PPC management fees – a fixed % of your spend.

If you are on our 2% of spend pricing model and spend £3000 per month, then you will pay only £60.

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