Captivise Pricing and Benefits

Our team have looked extensively other PPC Management tools within the marketplace to see how Captivise compares in terms of cost. Not because we can be compared, as our solution is different, but simply so that you can easily see the value in utilising Captivise. We don’t think it’s enough to simplify provide access to Captivise for free, we also want to ensure that we continue to provide value through using the software every single day.

For use of Captivise we don’t charge a subscription fee, whereas many other PPC and Google AdWords management software providers are focused on set fees and expensive packages. With Captivise there’s no up-front fee or complex pricing, instead we give you an account for free!

Examples of other PPC Software:



unlimited keywords

unlimited campaigns

conversion tracking diagnosis tool

focused on keyword-level bid adjustments only.


£150.51 per month

Only five accounts

Less than $5k monthly spend

No integrated call tracking

The next level of subscription costs £679.83 – 352% Increase!

Even at their top tier, only 50 accounts and less than $100K monthly spend – for £1436 per month!


£204 per month

Maximum monthly spend of £1500

Monthly spend of over £6000 costs £535

$199/mo for 5 accounts (extra $40/mo for each additional account) and $5,000/mo ad spend (+5%/mo ad spend)
$899/mo for 25 accounts (extra $35/mo for additional account) and $50,000/mo ad spend (+4%/mo ad spend)

$1,899/mo for 50 accounts (extra $30/mo for additional account) and $100,000/mo ad spend (+3%/mo ad spend


£87.65 per month

Only ten accounts

Less than $75k monthly spend.No Analytics Reporting or user access levels at the basic subscription rate

The next level of subscription costs £169.25 –94% Increase!

Limited training and customer support

Advanced reporting only after reaching at least Pro subscription (£339.26 per month)

Additional accounts and increased spend available as paid ‘add-ons’

$499/mo for 50 accounts and up to $500k ad spend


£73.29 per month

Only thirty accounts

Less than $50k monthly spend

24-hour Refresh Cycle

The next level of subscription costs £169.25 – 103% Increase!

Agency-level support is £375.53 – and still not unlimited!


£399 per month

Only up to $10k monthly spend


$69/mo or 7% of ad spend (highest one) for < $3,000

$199/mo or 5% of ad spend for ad spend between $3,000 and $15,000

$749/mo or 4% of ad spend for > $15,000

One Fee for All Services

From restrictive monthly spends to price-hikes between subscription tiers, it all amounts to one thing: the most affordable option is too limited, and the next step is much more expensive.

Why should you have to choose?

We don’t do compromise with Captivise. We are much more interested in producing a pricing model catered to our clients. The more you use our software, the more you will benefit.

Captivise increases in efficiency with the more data it gets.

Our focus isn’t on getting you to spend more. We’re not focused on withdrawing services behind fixed-price paywalls. Instead, we want you to receive optimised ROI.

That’s why we can say with certainty how much we cost – absolutely nothing!

Setting ourselves apart:

Many other apps, tools and software charge you for software functionality you don’t use. With Captivise we have created a software that you use 100% of functionality all the time. We focus solely on maximising profitability of search Ads using conversion rates and margin.

Some AdWords software apps require more set up processes than AdWords itself. With Captivise, it is as Easy as 3,2,1 – go!

  • 3 simple steps to create an account
  • 2 bid settings – one for margin or one for target CPA
  • 1 status setting for whether campaigns are active or inactive

That’s it! Are you ready to rock and roll?