For Agencies

A scalable Free PPC solution for agencies

Running AdWords campaigns for clients can be time consuming and challenging!

Often clients want their ads to show all the time for every keyword, and they want their campaigns to generate an increasing number of enquiries and sales, all while restricting the spend.

Captivise can give you confidence in the effectiveness of your campaigns. You don't need to worry whether you should pay more or less for each click on a specific keyword, because Captivise calculates that for you.

Using Captivise has a number of other benefits for Agencies:

✔ We will write and produce a Press Release.
✔ We will write about you on our Captivise blog.
✔ We will invite you to become a Premium Partner, earning a Captivise Certified Partner Status (currently in development)
✔ We will add you to our Partner Page (currently in development).
✔ We will provide you with a badge to add to your website.
✔ We will provide you with onboarding and sales training.

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