Google Ads Automation

What is PPC Automation?

Increasingly, PPC management involves the automation of repetitive but essential tasks. Google Ads automation is one of the more significant growth areas in PPC support due to Google Ads’ dominance in the paid advertising market.

How Does Google Ads Automation Help?

AdWords automation software like Captivate is designed to automate the daily tasks that make up most of the time in managing PPC campaigns.

It takes a human being a significant amount of time to:

  • Review the performance of a PPC campaign at the keyword level
  • Identify which keywords are performing strongly or weakly
  • Adjust bids and pause keywords as appropriate

Captivise reviews historical performance and updates bids automatically and daily, freeing up your PPC manager to work on ‘bigger picture’ tasks which would otherwise go unfinished for months or be neglected altogether.

What Makes Google Ads PPC Automation Effective?

Captivise is designed based on the working process of a PPC expert with years of experience managing PPC accounts. During this time, they developed several rules to make these repetitive tasks faster and more effective in real terms of your ROI.

Captivise is designed to save time, save money, and save headaches. The software’s features are all designed for effectiveness and efficiency.

Google Ads PPC Automation at a Competitive Price

To make AdWords automation available to any customer – individual client or agency alike – all features of Captivise are available to all users at no extra charge. Unlike many other PPC automation solutions, Captivate doesn’t offer tiered support or require additional up-front fees. Instead, it’s free.

As your business grows to support a more extensive campaign, the cost of Captivise scales smoothly. You never need to worry that increasing or reducing spend will have a sting in the tail from forgotten fees; the budget calculation is as easy as Captivise makes campaign maintenance.

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