The Features and Benefits of Captivise

The Features

How much of the time you spend on Google AdWords campaigns is taken up just reviewing your current campaigns to see which keywords are performing well, and which are performing badly?

For many people responsible for managing the AdWords campaign, bid management takes up the bulk of their AdWords management time. Without proper Bid Management, the campaign performance will likely be being hindered by the lowest-performing keywords.

What does Captivise do?

  •  Constantly evaluate and re-evaluate each keyword’s performance.
  • Adjust bids on underperforming keywords to minimise wasted spend.
  • Pause keywords that are spending and not converting.
  • Utilise data from a period of time you can set – 30 days, 60 days, 180 days or 365 days.
  • Update all these actions every day using historic data for increased accuracy.

The result? Captivise automatically applies rules designed to maximise ROI across every campaign it manages, faster and more accurately than any human could.

Captivise for Agencies

  • Captivise allows PPC managers to manage more accounts on a daily basis.
  • Use Captivise to create the time you need to focus on other areas of PPC management, rather than bid adjustments.
  • Captivise automates key areas of PPC management.
  • Captivise is comprehensive. Agencies can trust Captivise to manage all keywords where there is sufficient data to do so.
  • Captivise provides benefits to agencies through our trusted partner network.

Captivise for Clients

  • Businesses with dedicated PPC Managers use Captivise to improve their team’s use of time.
  • Businesses without dedicated PPC staff use Captivise to guarantee essential bid management is handled properly.
  • Captivise scales with your business. It works for SMEs and major corporations alike.
  • Captivise frees up your PPC expert’s time to build new campaigns, promote new products, and plan for the future.
  • Captivise has a network of trusted partners that you can call upon to help manage your PPC campaigns

The Benefits:

Maximise ROI from Google AdWords

Across each PPC campaign, some keywords will perform much better than others. The rules and techniques that PPC managers use to identify bid adjustments often aren’t simple. They must be developed over time and involve a lot of calculation. Assessing the performance of an individual keyword with regards to Costs Per Click, Impressions, and Click-Through Rate takes time as you calculate and evaluate. In the end, you’re still making a judgement a call. And, of course, humans can make mistakes and bias comes in to play.

When you extend that comparison to an entire campaign it’s a much bigger time investment.

Make Better Use of Your Time

With Captivise, you can set your margin or target cost-per-sale at campaign level, Captivise will then adjust the bids accordingly, leaving you to be able to focus on other tasks – like researching, adjusting ads, creating better landing pages, or even on building the next PPC campaign.

Save Time, Save Money, and Save Headaches

Many PPC account managers know how it feels to realise that one high-cost keyword which has never converted is still active – and, worse, that it’s recently had several clicks, squandering budget that could have been producing returns on other keywords.

Captivise doesn’t make that kind of mistake. As well as saving your time and your client’s or your company’s budget, you’ll save yourself worries that something may have been overlooked.

And by spending that time building new campaigns, you can expand your reach, targeting new groups of customers and building your market share.