The new web-app designed to take the tedium out of PPC bid management and boost profit into the bargain, Captivise, is now fully launched and available for use by private users and agencies alike.

What is Captivise?

Captivise is the result of over twelve years’ experience with Google AdWords. It’s the bid management software we wished existed – so we built it.

Three years in the making, Captivise uses internal algorithms to bid the optimal amount per keyword to maximise an account’s profit based on margin or on target CPC (cost per conversion). Once it’s connected and active on a Google AdWords account, Captivise constantly adjusts keyword bids. The goal? Optimal return on investment.

Why Use Captivise?

As anyone who’s worked with AdWords knows, making these adjustments regularly is key to boosting profit – but reviewing the account and checking for them is a time-consuming process.

Many digital marketing agencies’ PPC experts spend most of their working day just handling these repetitive tasks – which means they don’t have time to develop long-term strategies, build new campaigns, or research new keywords and target markets.

In-house PPC experts may only handle one account, but they face the same challenges – especially if their firm offers a broad spectrum of products or services, all of which need to be advertised and all of which will have multiple relevant keywords.

Captivise frees you up to look at the bigger picture, be creative, and expand your market.

Signing Up to Captivise

There’s no ongoing service fee for Captivise. Instead, we charge a percentage of your AdWords spend.

This means we didn’t need to design Captivise to make you spend more – it’s designed to produce optimal ROI. As your budget changes, Captivise will continue to support you.

There’s no contractual commitment. You can use Captivise for a month or for several years to scale and grow with your campaigns.

You can even trial Captivise for free – indefinitely! A trial account shows you Captivise at work in real-time. No active changes are made to your AdWords account, but you’ll be able to see the difference, analyse what we offer, and sign up when you’re ready.