Minimise risk for optimal ROI

• Low Quality Score

Finds Keywords with low Quality Scores (QS) and automatically writes a new ad containing keywords for increased QS.

• SQAG (Search Query Ad Groups)

Find search queries that have provided conversions that are not already a keyword, then ads the search query as a keyword in its own ad group, along with creating a new ad using the best performing ad from the ad group it converted from. 

• First Page/Top of Page Bids

Automatically increases bid prices to the first page and top of page bids if the bid does not exceed the top bid.

• Automated Negative Keywords 

Creatives negative keywords for search queries that have 100 clicks and no conversions. Creates negatives for queries that have conversions at 5x the TCPA.  

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Apply automated machine learning to your campaigns

• Keyword Zero Spend Alert 

Sends alert if zero spend. This informs us to investigate the cause of the issue.

• Keyword Over TCPA Alert 

Sends an alert with keywords over CPA. Enabling us to decide to pause or reduce bids.

• Keyword Profit Margin 

Bid adjusts keyword bid prices based on a given profit margin automatically. 

• TCPA Keyword Bids 

Bid adjusts keywords based on a given TCPA (target cost-per-acquisition). 

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Combine these automations with manual reviews and a creative approach

• Zero Conversion Keywords

Pauses keywords at cost 3x TCPA (target cost-per-acquisition) with 0 conversions. 

• Over TCPA Products

Pauses products over a specific Target Cost Per Acquisition.

• Add URL Checker

Checks to ensure that URL is working, pauses automatically when failure detected.

• Missing Search Query Script Alert

Sends an alert reporting when a search query triggers the ad to show that is not present in the product listing name. We check the query and then proceed to add to the product listing where relevant.

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Constant refinement

• Out of Stock Alert

Checks the stock of a product listing then automatically pauses if zero.

• Pause Empty Ad Groups

Pauses any empty ad groups without active ads or keywords.

• Pause Keyword (Bounce Rate)

Pauses keywords with more than X number of clicks with no conversions and 100% bounce rate.

• Low CTR Ads

Pauses the lowest CTA Ads when benchmarked against other better performing ads within the ad group.

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